Terms of use

These General Terms of Use (hereinafter: GTU) contain the conditions of the use of the services of the service platform available at the website www.bconhunt.com, operated by the BCONHUNT KFT. (6721 Szeged, Háló utca 8.; company registry number: 06-09-021306; hereinafter: Operator), and the mobile applications associated with the platform (can be downloaded from the Google Play and App Store stores) by the user of said services (hereinafter: User). This document is not registered; it is only concluded in electronic format by accepting this GTU, which is done when registering to the service platform. Please only use our services if you agree with all provisions of this GTU, consider it binding for you; the agreement does not qualify as written agreement, it is not recorded, no code of conduct is associated with it.

1 Data of the Operator

Name of the operator:BCONHUNT Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft.
Registered office of the operator:6721 Szeged, Háló utca 8.
Mail address:1752 Budapest, Pf.43
Phone number of the central customer service:+36 30 299 6655
E-mail address of the central customer service:office@bconhunt.com
Website of the operator:www.bconhunt.com
GTU available under:www.bconhunt.com/terms-of-use/
Company registry number:06-09-021306
Tax number:24918860-2-06
Bank account number:10800014-70000006-20219452
Data protection registry numbers:NAIH-77715; 77716; 77717/2014.

2 General provisions

a) For matters not provided for in this GTU, and for the interpretation of this GTU the regulations of Act 5/2013 on the Civil Code (hereinafter: CC), Act 108/2001 on certain matters of electronic commercial services and services related to the information society (hereinafter: ECA) and Act 48/2008 on the basic conditions of economic advertisement activity and its certain limits (hereinafter: EAA) are to be applied.
b) The activity the Operator performs is a service provided from Hungary and related to an information society aimed at Hungary and the member states of the European Economic Area (hereinafter: EEA), the single elements of which qualify as economic advertisement activity. In connection with the provision of services towards the Trade partners – according to the content of the provided service – the Operator can be: i. Mediating provider
ii. Publisher of electronic advertisement
iii. Electronic advertisement provider
c) The BCONHUNT Kft., as the operator of the BCONHUNT platform and the associated services, reserves the right to unilaterally modify this GTU, about which modification the Kft previously informs the Users in writing (by e-mail). Following the modification and becoming effective of the GTU, using the platform or its services means accepting the modified GTU.
d) The effect of this GTU extends in space and time to all Users who use the services of the platform after expressly accepting the effective GTU with previous or indicative conduct.
e) Possible languages for concluding the agreement: Hungarian, English.
f) The forms of appearance of the BCONHUNT platform and its services have trade mark protection, the elements of the content of the website and the mobile applications have copyright protection (Act 76/1999, Article 7 – protection of collective works), copying, using them is strictly forbidden.

2.1 Interpretation of terms
a) BCONHUNT platform: the BCONHUNT platform is a framework system, which on the one hand serves the associated services, and makes it possible for the Users and the commercial partners in contractual relationship with the Operator (hereinafter: Trader) to parameter the used services, to view the results related to the use.
b) BCONSHOP service: target application managed, served by the BCONHUNT platform, the form of appearance of which on the side of the User is the mobile application downloaded by the User. The purpose of the service is to get the information of the commercial campaign customized in the system (hereinafter: Campaign) to the User electronically.
c) Mediating provider: serves to make information forwarding at the initiative of other users – in this case, Trade partners – more effective, provides access to the telecommunication network they operate.
d) Trader: partner, who administers a Campaign related to products or services in the system, and gets the details of the Campaign to the Users using the platform. The type of the Trader can differ according to the type of services used. e) Electronic advertiser: for the benefit of whom the electronic advertisement is published, or who, for his own good, orders the publication of the electronic advertisement.
f) Electronic advertisement provider: who, in the course of his independent economic activity, prepares, creates the electronic advertisement, and provides other services in connection with it.
g) Publisher of electronic advertisements: who has devices appropriate for the publication of electronic advertisements and makes the electronic advertisement known with the help of said devices. h) Publication of electronic advertisement: making the electronic advertisement known, either for the greater public, or for a personal addressee. i) User: Natural person of legal age who acts for purposes outside his independent occupation and economic activity when using his User account, using the service provided by an Operator, in which service he successfully registered, through an application downloaded at the website www.bconhunt.com or from an application store, that belongs to the BCONHUNT platform.
j) User account: the account created as the result of registration, which contains the personal and complementary data given by the User, and also contains statistics, results originating from the use of the services.
k) Registration: the process willingly performed by the User during which the User provides the data necessary for the registration and accepted this GTU with his previous consent.
l) Giving parameters to the service: The activity of the User during which the User provides additional data to specify the operation of the services and/or narrows the conditions of operation of the service related to him.
m) Preliminary offer: The informative offer of the Trader which the User can see based on his own parameters after logging in through the website or starting the mobile application. The conditions of viewing the preliminary offer are an existing user account, and in case of mobile application the mobile application installed on the mobile device, which is suitable for using the service.
n) On-site offer: The detailed offer of the Trader, which the User enforces by connecting to the transmitter installed at the site (hunting the offer) at the site indicated by the Trader in the preliminary offer, after visiting in person, in case the mobile application necessary for using the service is installed on his device, the device has the appropriate technical characteristics, and the User has a user account.
o) Ranking: the User receives reward points related to finding on-site offers and evaluating the campaigns of Traders, when using the services, based on which points the User is ranked in a list based on his score.

3 The operation of the BCONHUNT platform and the associated mobile applications

3.1 The principle of the general operation of the platform and the applications The BCONHUNT platform is a framework system designed for online sales promotion and information forwarding, which serves several services focusing on specific topics. Registration to the platform can be done when using any of the services; the identifiers provided at the registration are appropriate for using all the services of the platform.

The platform basically manages two types of users: Users and Traders. Traders register in the system according to their area of operation and publish their offers for Users who can view the offers of the Traders on the website of BCONHUNT on the one hand, and through the application downloaded to their mobile devices on the other.

By giving his personal data and adjusting the settings of the mobile application associated with the used service the User can give parameters to the operation of the service, which parameters serve so that the User only receives information, offers interesting for him. The User sees the preliminary offers in the mobile application and on the website according to the settings he gave parameters to, from among which offers he must choose the actual offers he ‘hunts’ for.
On arrival to the site the Trader indicated in the preliminary offer, the User receives a location-based notification about the exact details of the offer he chose, and about the other benefits he might possibly use. The notification does not mean a buying obligation.

Based on the above principle the platform serves several services that operate separate from each other concerning their operation.

3.2 Platform level settings Platform level settings in the system can be accessed in the ‘Settings’ menu item in the Main menu, after registration and logging in. Basic personal settings can be made on platform level, which help the more effective operation of the services, the primary goal being that the User only meets content relevant for him when using the services.
The User can change his password in this menu item, and can delete his user account from the system.

3.3 Platform level point gathering and ranking In the course of using the services the platform provides the User gathers points, which points are credited to his user account according to his activity as user.
On site inquiry after an offer, confirmation of an actual purchase, or evaluation of the offers of Traders are worth points. Based on the gathered points the User is ranked in a list, and after achieving certain score limits in the list he can receive granted prizes. Detailed information about the ranking is available in the ‘Ranking’ menu item after logging in to the system. The description of the services contain detailed information about the specific rules of collecting points that are different according to the service used.

4 Registration

a) The User can register in the system at the website www.bconhunt.com or through the mobile application downloaded from an application store, by filling out the registration form.
b) Data that are mandatory to provide when registering: user name, e-mail address and password, and the acceptance of the GTU.
c) The user can log in the system by giving the e-mail address/password specified at registration. Based on Article 5 of the ECA an electronically concluded agreement becomes effective between the User and the Operator with the User entering into the system and using it, as it is considered implicative conduct.
d) Based on Article 6 of the EAA, as part of the registration procedure the User preliminarily, clearly and expressly consents to the management of his personal data stored in the system, and for the publication of advertisements for him as addressee, with direct inquiry. This GTU and the Data Management Regulation is publicly available for the User before registration.
e) The Operator does not check the authenticity of the data provided by the User, one e-mail address can only belong to one account in the system, and the user names can also only appear once in the system, so in case one is already taken, the User must choose another.

6 Responsibility

a) Considering the novel nature of the platform and the services the platform serves the Operator excludes his responsibility in connection with such damages occurred in the course of using these applications or in connection with using them, which were unforeseeable due to the novel nature of the services.
b) The Operator, as mediating service provider, or publisher of electronic advertisements, who qualifies as a mediating service provider based on the ECA, is not obliged to check information he only forwards, stores, or makes available, and is not obliged to seek for facts or circumstances which would indicate the performance of illegal activities.
c) The Operator, as mediating service provider, or publisher of electronic advertisements, who qualifies as a mediating service provider based on the ECA, based on Articles 8-12 of Act 108/2001 is not responsible for forwarded information and damages caused by making it available, if: i. forwarding the information is not initiated by the Operator;
ii. the addressee of forwarding is not chosen by the Operator;
iii. the forwarded information is not chosen by the Operator or the Operator does not change it;
iv. The Operator has no knowledge about illegal conduct concerning the information, or about that the information would violate the rights or rightful interests of anyone;
v. if he got to know about circumstances specified in Item iv and immediately took steps to remove the information or does not ensure access to it any more
d) In order to conduct forwarding the information the Operator temporarily stores the forwarded information for the time necessary for the forwarding.
e) The Operator excludes responsibility for the authenticity of the information he forwarded - as mediating service provider, or publisher of electronic advertisements, who qualifies as a mediating service provider based on the ECA -, the actuality of the information and for direct or indirect damages caused by faulty or false information.
f) The Operator - as mediating service provider, or publisher of electronic advertisements, who qualifies as a mediating service provider based on the ECA – is not responsible for infringement occurred due to the removal of information or not ensuring access to it, if he acted in cases specified in Articles 7-11 of the ECA, or according to Article 13 of the ECA.
g) The Operator, if he participates in forwarding the information as electronic advertisement service provider based on the services he provides – so he got to know or could get to know the content of the advertisement in the course of his activity – is responsible for violating the regulations of the EAA, based on Item b) of Section (2) of Article 23 of the EAA.
h) The Service provider excludes any and all responsibility due to the incorrect operation of the User applications or their not operating. Furthermore, the Service provider excludes responsibility for damages caused with the agreement or outside its scope, except wilfully caused damage or damage harming human life, bodily integrity or health.

7 Data protection

a) Based on Article 13/A of the ECA the Operator can manage the natural person’s identifying data of the User and the data concerning the time, period and location of using the services in order to prepare and perform the agreement for the provision of the services and to invoice the fees due to usage.
b) In order to provide the services the Operator can manage personal data which are technically essential for the provision of the services. The operator must choose the devices used in the course of the service that management of personal data is only performed if it is absolutely necessary for the provision of the service and even in this case, only for the period and to the extent necessary.
c) Considering that for the operation of the service it is essential for the User to get the electronic advertisements the system sends to the User as addressee, the User, by accepting this GTU, preliminarily consents to the management of his data for this purpose.
d) The User can forbid the data management detailed in Item 6/c of this GTU any time, and can delete his managed data finally, irrecoverably, by eliminating his user account.
e) The Operator manages the personal data the User provided, and the traffic statistics from the use of the services according to the Data protection regulation, and can only disclose them to third persons in case of the previous consent of the User, or legal or official obligation. f) The Data protection regulation is available at: www.bconhunt.com/privacy-policy/

8 Regulations concerning electronic advertisements

a) By accepting this GTU the User acknowledges that the BCONHUNT platform and the associated services and mobile applications serve to forward electronic advertisements and the additional information belonging to the advertisements.
b) The electronic advertiser is obliged to inform the Users about the actual person of the advertiser when publishing advertisements through the BCONHUNT platform; if it is not done, the Operator warns the advertiser to rectify the situation.
c) An advertisement can only be published if the advertiser provided his company name, registered office and tax number when ordering the advertisement (when registering in the system).
d) The electronic advertiser, if the product he wishes to advertise falls under a preliminary quality control or compliance certification obligation specified in legal regulations, is obliged to make a statement about that the examination was performed and based on this the product can be marketed.
e) In case of sales promotion advertisements published in the system clear information must be given about such character of the offer, and the conditions of use; this information is always in the preliminary and on-site offers of the Trader.
f) The User can view information concerning the advertisements in the preliminary and on-site offers of the electronic advertiser (Trader) on the website of BCONHUNT or after logging in the system through the given mobile application.

9 Fees, invoicing

a) The services provided by the BCONHUNT platform are basically free services, downloading the mobile applications belonging to the services is free. b) Premium services can be used in case of the specific services managed by the platform, which are subject to charges.
c) The scope of services subject to charge has different content and usage fees according to the service in question, which fees can be found in detail in the informative description of the services after logging in the system.
d) The Operator is entitled to expand the range of services subject to charge – premium services – and to modify the rates according to the regulations of this GTU.
e) Invoicing the premium services is done in a prepaid way, so the User is entitled to use the premium services after payment (after the amount is credited).
f) The User can choose bank card payment and in-store payment according to the application store of the used mobile operation system as payment solution.
g) If the User chooses bank card as payment method, the Operator issues an electronic invoice after finishing the successful transaction, and forwards it to the registered e-mail address of the User.
h) By accepting this GTU the User consents to issuing the electronic invoice, and acknowledges the regulations about the management of electronic invoices that concern him.
i) In case of in-store purchase the User receives the relevant invoice from the payment transaction system of the used application store.

10 Limitations

a) Using devices with mobile data communication ability (smartphone or tablet) is an essential condition of the services provided by the platform.
b) The minimum software requirements of using the mobile applications belonging to the services: running the Android 4.3 or IOS7 mobile operation systems, this at the same time specifies the necessary hardware requirements as well. If the above requirements are not met, the services cannot be used.
c) The Operator reserves his right to exclude the User from the platform or to temporarily limit his rights and access in case according to his judgment the activity of the User is against the intended use of the system and/or endangers its operation, or violates any effective legal regulation.

11 Objections, complaint management

a) The Operator conducts the customer service activity basically in writing, by sending mail to the central e-mail address. The Operator processes and answers the received inquiries, complaints within 24 hours, also by e-mail, which information qualifies as official written answer.
b) Based on Article 13 of the ECA, if illegal content or information is noticed when using the services, please notify us at our central e-mail address with a notification included in a private document specified in the law. The document must contain: the subject of the grievance, the data necessary for the identification of the information with illegal content, the name, address, registered office, phone number and e-mail address of the obligee.

12 Supervisory authorities

Nemzeti Média és Hírközlési Hatóság (National Media and Infocommunication Authority)
1133 Budapest, Visegrádi u. 106.
+36 1 468 0673

Nemzeti Fogyasztóvédelmi Hatóság (Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection)
1088 Budapest, József krt. 6.
+36 1 459 4800

Gazdasági Versenyhivatal (Hungarian Competition Authority)
1054 Budapest, Alkotmány u. 5.
+36 1 472 88 51

Média és Hírközlési Biztos (Media and Infocommunication Commissioner)
1525 Budapest, Pf.75
+36 1 457 7141

Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság (Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information)
1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c.

Effective date: From 30.04.2014