Privacy policy

The BCONHUNT platform and the associated applications manage personal data; the protection of Your data is important for us, so based on the provisions of our present data protection regulations we make a statement about how we can gather, use, disclose, forward and store your data. Please, read our data management regulations; if you have any questions about the regulations please contact us at our central e-mail address:

Preliminary information

Management of data in the system only happens after receiving Your consent, which consent is realized with accepting the Terms of Use.

Definitions in connection with gathering data, and their interpretation

In accordance with Act 112/2011 on the right of information self-determination and the freedom of information, we use the following data gathering definitions in the course of gathering data.
In the course of using the BCONHUNT platform we differentiate between two types of users (end user and trade partner). Our data protection regulations always deal with the rules concerning the two types of users separately.

1. Person involved

Any specific person who is identified or – directly or indirectly – can be identified based on personal data.

1.1. In case of end users the person involved is the end user (natural person) himself who registers in the system on the web site of the service or through its mobile application by providing his personal and/or special data.

1.2. In case of trade partners the person involved is the legal person or unincorporated business association who registers in the system through the web site of the service, or the natural person designated to be the contact person acting in representation of the legal person or the unincorporated business association, by providing his personal and/or special data.

2. Personal data and the purpose of data management

Scope of personal data The data that can be connected to the person involved – especially the name of the person involved, his identification number, and knowledge characteristic of one or more physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identities – and the conclusions that can be drawn from the data concerning the person involved.

The purpose of data management
The purpose of data management extends to the following, depending on the type of user (person involved):
  • In case of end users the purpose of data management is:
    • Customizing the use and operation of the system so that the end users only meet offers relevant to us in the course of using it,
    • Forwarding notifications and offers towards the end user at a given time and place, in electronic format, through the mobile application used and/or in the form of an electronic mail (e-mail),
    • Monitoring the activity of end-users (ranking),
    • To administer the discounts used,
    • To organize and forward sweepstakes and granted prizes.
  • In case of trade partners the purpose of data management is:
    • The data are only used to settle the fees for using the service and in the course of data provision of traffic statistics on the part of BCONHUNT,
    • We manage the data of contact persons in the course of administration concerning the provision of the service.
Gathering data that are not adequate for identifying an actual person or persons can be done in order to further improve the system and for gathering traffic data, the usability and disclosure of such data is unlimited.

2.1. Scope of personal data gathered in case of end users. In case of natural persons we group the gathered personal data according to the following:

  • Personal data that are mandatory to provide when registering in the system:
    • User name
    • E-mail address
  • Personal data that are not mandatory to provide to be used for parameterization of the system (examples of personal data BCONHUNT can gather):
    • Your name
    • Mail address
    • Telephone number
    • Other contact identifier (e.g.: Skype, Facebook, LinkedIn user names)
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Physical characteristics (height, weight, confection and foot size)
    • Interests
    • Average earnings per person in the household
    • Used information and telecommunication platforms
  • Traffic data and statistics from using the system
All of the personal data gathered in the system – data to be provided mandatorily and non-mandatorily, and traffic data of use – are for customizing the operation of the system, based on the parameters given by the end users the system only forwards offers towards the end users which are in accordance with the given filtering conditions and complementary information.

If the non-mandatorily provided personal data (based on which actual persons cannot be identified) are connected to personal data that are appropriate for identifying actual persons, the connected data are treated as personal data until the data are disconnected again.

2.2. The scope of personal data gathered in case of trade partners concerns on the one hand the company data of the legal person or unincorporated business association and the personal data of the contact person (natural person) designated in connection with using the service according to the following:
  • Scope of data gathered in case of legal persons or unincorporated business association:
    • Company name
    • Tax number
    • Bank account number
    • Company registry number
    • Registered office
    • Places of business
    • Mail address
    • Product information and data from using the system, logos and trademarks
    • Traffic data and statistics in connection with using the system
  • Scope of personal data gathered in connection with the contact person of a legal person or an unincorporated business association:
    • Name
    • E-mail address
    • Telephone number

3. Consent

Both the end users and the trade partners can previously access this data management regulation when registering in the system, which offers detailed information in connection with the management of personal data in the system. When registering, the end users and the trade partners willingly, expressly express their will and give their consent to the full scale management of personal data concerning them by accepting the Registration conditions.

Following the registration, if the person involved objects to the management of his personal data, he can request correction of the personal data management, cancellation of data management, or the deletion of the managed data.

If the person involved has not reached the age of 16 when registering, then for the validity of the legal statement containing the consent the consent or the subsequent approval of his legal representative is necessary.

4. Data manager

Determines the purpose of the management of data; makes and executes the decisions concerning data management, or has them executed by the data processor used as necessary:

Company name: BCONHUNT Kft.
Registered office: 6721 Szeged, Háló utca 8.
Company registry number: 06-09-021306
E-mail address:

Data management registration numbers: NAIH-77715/2014., NAIH-77716/2014., NAIH-77717/2014.

5. Data management

The data manager registers, organizes, stores, and uses statistical data he gathered and which is generated in the course of using the system, and characteristic of using the system, in order to improve the service and to provide further services.
The data manager does not make the personal data he manages available for third parties, and will not disclose them, except for the data processor who is in a possible contractual legal relationship with the data manager, who performs the processing of the data, and except for the scope of data not appropriate for identifying an actual person or persons, usually in a cumulated form.
In case of a possible involvement of a data processor the data processor cannot make meaningful decisions involving data management, can only process the data he got to know according to the instructions of the data manager, cannot perform data processing for his own benefit, and is obliged to store and safeguard the personal data according to the instructions of the data manager; cannot use or forward the obtained data. Disclosure of traffic data and statistical data of use can only be done in a cumulated form, in way so it cannot be connected to an actual person or persons.
Use of personal data The BCONHUNT platform is a system that serves independent applications. Registration through any application also means general registration for the platform as well, so in case of using several applications served by the BCONHUNT platforms it is not necessary to register for all applications one by one.
You must provide personal data when registering in the system, either through applications or through the website. The independent applications of the BCONHUNT platform jointly use the personal data, thus ensuring login with one account to the different applications.

Use of personal data gathered in the BCONHUNT system
  • Personal data we gathered make logging in the system possible, and make it possible to forward the data, information the system automatically and incidentally generated by the system to you in electronic format. If You would not like to receive notifications from the system, or to appear on our newsletter list, then you can turn this function off and unsubscribe from the newsletter list by modifying the settings.
  • We can further use the personal data to improve our services and advertisements, the delivery of our products, and in connection with performing possible payment transactions and organizing sweepstakes.
  • We can also use your personal data in case any changes occur in the conditions or regulations concerning the use of services and You, as user, must be notified by all means about it. Since notifications concerning the conditions of operation are important in our relationship with You, receiving information in connection with the conditions of the operation cannot be refused.
  • We can use your personal data for internal purposes (research, data analysis, checking) in order to improve he services we provide.
  • If You participate in sweepstakes, granted prizes, or any other promotion we organized, then we can use your personal data in order to organize the programs.
Term of data management: During the effective period of registration the Data manager manages data in accordance with Act 112/2011 on the right of information self-determination and the freedom of information.

The scope of data gathered by our website and our mobile applications

The website of BCONHUNT, its mobile applications, advertisements may use ‘cookies’, other data gathering technologies. We can measure the habits of customers and the effectiveness of our advertisements with the help of data gathering technologies in order to further improve the services. We gather non-personal data with the help of data gathering technologies, the management of which is done in the way specified above.
BCONHUNT uses cookies and other data gathering technologies in the course of the provision of its services so that the mobile advertisements published by its partners appear according to your sphere of interests and only in the specified amount. Technologies further help in measuring the effectiveness of advertisement campaigns. You define the scope of mobile advertisements you can receive in the system, by giving the system level and application level parameters of the platform. After adjusting the settings the system will only show advertisements that are interesting for you, from among which You must choose, in the course of a second round of settings, the campaign that is especially interesting for you, about which the system will send information in the future, with different content from time to time and from space to space. If You did not adjust the necessary parameters in the system, the campaigns of all the advertisers will be available, even from among these only the campaigns You choose will send information to You.

We save the data gathered by the data gathering technologies to a log file. The scope of saved data: type of browser, type of operation system, date and time stamp, data of clicking and the type of phone in the case of using a mobile application.
Besides the above we measure and record – also based on clicking – user habits, that is, which type of content You preferred, when and with what intensity you used the system, how much time you spent with use, how much time you spent on single sub-pages, which other sub-pages you visited. Gathering data concerning both the website and the applications we provide is done in order to analyse tendencies in user habits, so that we can get to know the behaviour of our users better when they use our services.

Protection of personal data

The website and the mobile applications of BCONHUNT only gather and manage data for the appropriate, customized operation of the service. Providing the managed data is partly voluntary, data management is only done during the period the service is used, for the effective use of the service and to the extent that is necessary for this purpose.
Data management is always done with the consent of the person involved.

For the protection of data involved in the data management the data manager does every physical, organization and administrative protective measure so that no data loss, unauthorized access, forwarding, disclosure, deletion, destruction, damage, modification or inaccessibility due to changing technology happens, however, BCONHUNT excludes its responsibility concerning it.
The website and the mobile applications it serves use SSL encryption in case of all forms of communication where provision or gathering of personal data is done. For the protection of personal data using a web browser application that uses/manages SSL encryption is suggested/necessary.

Access to personal data

The scope of managed data is accurate and up to date according to the data updates done by the persons involved. Modification of the data is possible for the persons involved on the BCONHUNT website or through its mobile applications, following logging in the system.
We do not check the accuracy and actuality of the data, their maintenance is the task of the person involved in every case.

Location based service

The basis of the operation of the BCONHUNT system is gathering, forwarding and processing location based information. The gathered information are aimed at the data of the real time geographical location of the mobile device You use, which data do not make it possible to identify You, using them make only the provision of location based services possible; data gathered based on location will not be forwarded or handed over to third parties or to data processors besides legal obligations.

Decisions made with automatized data procession

The BCONHUNT system and the applications it handles make automatized decisions based on personal and additional data and based on Your geographical location, the purpose of which is for You to get local content according to the types of interests You indicated to your mobile device, according to Your current geographical location.
You made a decision about automatized data procession by accepting the Terms of use, and by giving parameters to the operation – adjusting and setting location based offers – the automatized data procession is realized at Your initiative.
At your personal request concerning automatic data procession we give further information about the applied method and its essence.

Legal remedy

The Person involved can request information about the management of his personal data, the correction of his personal data, and the deletion or blocking of his personal data from the data manager in connection with the data management as a legal remedy. Deletion of personal data is possible in cases specified in legal regulations, such as illegal data management or if the purpose of the data management ceases to exist.

The Person involved can also object to the management of his personal data. In this case the data manager inspects the objection, makes a decision about its merits and informs the applicant about his decision in writing.

The Person involved can turn to the Court if his rights in connection with data management are violated, or if he objects to the data management. Judging the lawsuit belongs to the jurisdiction of the court.