Unique Beacon Solutions for Your Business
What we do?
  • Marketing
    Beacons can be used as marketing tools, which make your business visible on the smartphones of potential customers nearby!
  • Safety
    Beacons can be used as reliable person tracking systems in offices, factories, other work places. It also can be used for tracking mass movement in shopping malls and retail shops.
  • Location
    Beacons allow us to accurately position personal objects like phones, cars, keys, pets indoor and outdoor. Do not ever lose again your personal objects!
What are beacons?
A Beacon are small Bluetooth (BLE) devices

Beacons are able to broadcast small amounts of data via Bluetooth. There range can reach 300 meters.
There lifetime is up to 3 years, after that they require battery change. BCONHUNT beacons are water and shock resistant,
can be used indoors and outdoors.
    BconLink is a marketing tool that uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacons to help making your business visible on the Physical Web, aka on the smartphones of your potential customers nearby!
    BconTrack is a person tracking system that can be used for several purposes. On one hand stores can track the movement of customers masses, on the other hand, it can be used in factories, offices, to track appearances at workstations.
    BconShop is a mobile application or application feature, which broadcasted by beacons campaigns can you communicate to your customers. Ideal for large shopping centers, malls, supermarkets.
    Findery is a B2C web application that you can use in case of emergency. If you lose a property with a beacon, you just log in and activate the beacon. The app after a few minutes gives you the exact position of the lost object.
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